The fairytale Prlekija says hello!

Prlekija is so remote from the urban centres that it could very well be described as being “far from the madding crowd”. It is known as the perfect region for walking and cycling, exploring the Mura or visiting a local beekeeper, potter or miller.

The nearby Ljutomersko-Ormoške gorice is famous for its fine wines and delicious local food. Sports enthusiasts are sure to enjoy canoeing on the Mura, horse riding and watching the horse races or taking a panoramic flight with a powered paraglider.

If local legends are to be believed, you might even spot a dragon!

The Jeruzalem wine road

The Jeruzalem wine road is beautiful at any time of the year, wending its way through pristine nature and past enchanting panoramic views. It can be tackled on foot, by bike or by car – just make sure you stop at some of the many agritourism farms, vineyards and wine cellars on the way.

The Babič mill on the Mura

The Babič mill on the Mura in nearby Veržej is the only Pannonian floating mill in Slovenia. Flour is still milled here the traditional way. The miller will be happy to reveal a few secrets of his profession. Various types of flour are also available to buy.

The Negova Castle and herb garden

The Negova Castle was rebuilt from a wooden hunting mansion in the 11th century. It was adapted and expanded in the late 15th century after the wars with the Hungarian tribes ended. Inside the south wing there is an 80 m stream, said to have been excavated by two prisoners condemned to death in order to earn their freedom. Next to the castle is an abundant herb garden.

Šalamun Beekeeping

At Šalamun Beekeeping, you will learn about the healing properties of bee products and a unique method of treatment – apitherapy. Meanwhile, the youngest visitors can help bake honey biscuits or make beeswax candles and ornaments. A visit to a genuine beekeeping bus is sure to prove an unforgettable experience.

Local crafts

Visit the Cottage Industry and Handicrafts Centre in the village of Veržej next to Terme Banovci to learn how handicraft products are made. Private groups can join in weaving or pottery workshops. Products are also available to buy. You can even weave a straw ring of the kind local couples have been making for each other for centuries.


Situated in the heart of Prlekija, Ljutomer is said to have been named after a mythical raging beast or “ljuta zver” in the local dialect. The town centre is composed of three squares, each with its own monument. The area is famous for its tradition of wine-growing and harness racing. Horse races are held in the hippodrome in the summer. Visit the harness racing museum to see the racehorses and learn about the history of harness racing through Jona the Filly’s story.

Ivan’s spring

The chapel of St. Vitus and a spring of healing water are situated near Lake Bukovnica. According to an old legend, a blind girl regained her sight after washing her eyes with water from Ivan’s spring. The spot has been a pilgrimage destination ever since.

The prehistoric settlement in Razkrižje

The prehistoric settlement in Razkrižje reveals the lives of our ancestors 5500 years ago. Learn about baking in an ancient oven, tilling the land with a stone plough and making stone tools. Razkrižje is particularly appealing around Christmas when they have an open-air Christmas show.

The Vrbnjak agritourism farm

The Vrbnjak agritourism farm makes for a great day out with the family, as the children can experience the warmth and hospitality of locals in the heart of nature. At the farm, they can learn about farm animals, play and go horse riding in the pristine countryside. A drive in a genuine carriage will be a memorable family adventure.

The Krapje beekeeping museum

The museum’s late 19th century apiary with preserved equipment comprises 84 hives of the Naiser system, a method that fell into disuse decades ago. After visiting the beekeeping museum, you can treat yourself to bee products made by Tigeli Beekeeping from different types of honey produced by 80 bee colonies.


In Beltinci, you can visit the church of St. Ladislaus, one of the most important late 19th century architectural monuments in Prekmurje. The church houses the Zichy family tomb. From the church, you can walk to the Baroque manor and visit the permanent exhibition on the history of healthcare in Pomurje.

Hlebec wine-making farm

The Hlebec family owns over 40,000 noble vines on the slopes of Ljutomersko-Ormoške gorice. They will show you around the well-stocked wine cellar and serve delicious homemade food and local specialities – tünka meat (meat preserved in lard), minced lard, mushroom soup, roast duck, homemade sausages and more.

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