How do we collect your personal data?

We collect your personal data, when you identify yourself while using our services or at the time of purchase, when you contact us via e-mail, telephone, in written form, or via social networks, when you fill in any forms, order our services, when you use our website and its functions or in any other way through which you disclose your personal information.

We also collect data about your use of our website with the help of cookies and similar technologies. More information about how we use these technologies for collecting information about you can be found in the Cookie Policy.

Submitting personal data to third persons

We want to deserve and keep your trust; therefore we handle your data with the highest possible level of care. Your personal data is generally processed only by our employees, who are committed to confidentiality and receive regular education and training for safe data handling.

In some cases your data is processed by our outsourcers in our name and in accordance with our instructions. We always conclude an appropriate contract about data processing with our outsourcers, by which we commit them to the same or higher level of security of your data. Outsourcers do not process your personal data for their own purposes. We always choose outsourcers inside the European Union (EU). Whenever personal data processing is not carried out by an operator inside the EU, we provide adequate protective measures.

In particular, outsourcers carry out the following services for us:

  • postal services and providing e-communication tools;
  • providing online services and other IT services for our undisturbed operation (website hosting, providers of professional hotel information systems, online advertising agencies, etc.);
  • professional data analysis in order to better understand wishes and needs of our customers and guests and to adapt our services and offers in accordance with that.

Your personal data is generally not submitted to anyone, unless the law demands or if you give us explicit consent or if you authorise a third person to whom we submit your data.

Due to legal obligation some data about your overnight stays is submitted to AJPES and on the basis of reasoned written demand also to other state bodies, which demand this from us for the purpose of conducting certain procedures.


This information about personal data processing will be regularly updated. In case of major changes that affect the legal grounds for processing your personal data, we will inform you about the changes, whereas your personal data will still be used only in case your personal consent for such purpose will not be necessary in accordance with the applicable legislation of the Republic of Slovenia.

In order to make your data precise and up to date, we kindly ask you to inform us about any changes of the latter.

For everything that is not determined by this General Information or by the contract, concluded by us and an individual, the provisions of the applicable law in the Republic of Slovenia apply.

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