The water heritage of millions of years

The eight indoor and outdoor pools with thermal or ordinary water and temperatures from 22 to 38 °C provide enjoyment in water to swimmers of all ages.

Because of the modern way of life and everyday work, we often forget about relaxation. Prlekija is a land of hills, vast fields, extensive vineyards, wind rattles, watermills, thermal waters, energy points, traditions, special dialect and special people. It prides itself on breath-taking nature, rich cultural heritage, many sights, and hospitable, talkative and cheerful locals.

More than 60 million years ago, the Pannonian Sea rippled across the Pannonian Plain, which extends to the north-eastern part of Slovenia. Today, fields of grain and waves of thermal water – gifted by nature – ripple across this region. The fluoride-rich healing thermal mineral water springs forth from a depth of 1700 meters with a temperature of 58 to 60 °C.

At Terme Banovci, you will be accompanied at every step by kindness, homeliness and warmth. While sitting in the hotel lobby, fire crackling in the fireplace next to you, you may feel like you have returned to your grandmother's warm embrace. And, as you watch the little decorations and details, you may feel that they were made from the heart.

Although you may not know very well why you feel so good here, remember that the most beautiful things always carry within them a piece of mysterious magic. Let this magic touch you. You will be thrilled to feel it, and you will keep coming back. Like many before you...

Let yourself be pampered at Terme Banovci

The Hotel Zeleni Gaj and Zeleni Gaj Hotel Village await you in the heart of pristine nature, far away from any industrial centres, but with all the comfort and homeliness. At every step, you will be surrounded by small details that make your stay more enjoyable, more pleasant and more homely; small decorations made of natural materials, a welcome gift at the door, bouquets of flowers … Allow yourself to be embraced by a pleasant feeling of relaxation and connection with nature.  


Forget about the madding crowd!

For the perfect escape from everyday life:

  • Outdoor recreational pool
  • Children’s pool (30 cm deep)
  • Bugar natural water pool
  • 2 nudist pools separate from the other pools
  • Children’s play equipment
  • The Prlekija world of saunas (3 Finnish, 1 Turkish)
  • Outdoor turf court and sports equipment available to rent
  • Outdoor pool with 2 waterslides
  • Outdoor thermal pool
  • Indoor thermal pool
  • Various effects in the pools (waterfalls, underwater massage jets, hot springs)
  • Children’s club (a surcharge applies for day visitors)
  • Varied sauna programmes
  • 3 bars and restaurants by the thermal pools


Opening hours

Indoor pools

Sunday - Thursday: 8.00–21.00
Friday and Saturday: 8.00–22.00

Outdoor pools

Sunday - Thursday: 8.00–21.00
Friday and Saturday: 8.00–22.00


Monday to Thursday and Sunday: 10.00–21.00 
Friday and Saturday: 10.00–22.00


from 29.03. to 3.11. 
Sunday - Thursday: 9.00–19.00
Friday - Saturday: 9.00–19.00

Exclusive for hotel, resort and camp guests only.

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