Complete indulgence at the wellness center

Surrender to comprehensive pampering with a rich array of relaxation services designed for your complete well-being and rejuvenation.


  • Sound massages with Himalayan bowls: experience vibrational harmony that relaxes and balances the body, available for both full-body and focused back relaxation.
  • Facial care: discover the variety of our treatments, from specific care for men with ultrasound to luxurious gold treatments and anti-aging grape treatments that restore radiance and youthfulness to your skin.
  • Wellness rituals: indulge in a gold full-body massage, rejuvenating treatments with green tea, chocolate indulgence, or relaxation with Cleopatra's ritual, which combines scrub, wrap, and massage.
  • Anti-stress massages and thermotherapeutic wraps: choose from combined massages that include the back, feet, and hands, or indulge in thermal and fango wraps for targeted pain relief.

Each of these services is carefully designed to offer you a unique relaxation, renewal, and revitalization experience. Surrender to our experienced therapists and ensure moments of peace and harmony at the heart of the wellness center.

NEW! Eyebrow lamination and eyelash lifting!

Discover our new services that will enhance your natural beauty expression and ensure the perfect look of your eyebrows and eyelashes.

Book your appointment at phone number 02 513 14 40 | 041 588 701 or write to us.

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